Missing Plane Search

Search teams are now deciding if they should send Australian Air force to this scene to look for missing Malaysian Flight 370.  An electronic pulse was detected from a Chinese search ship near the search area.  CNN is reporting that the pulse lasted for about 90 seconds objects that could be related to the plane were found about 50 miles away from this area.  There is still a lot of questions to be asked, any new details about missing Malaysian flight 370 will be posted here and Twitter.  @connerjwilson


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Body found in airplane wheels

A mans body was found around 1:30 p.m. Saturday inside the landing wheels.  This was about 25 miles away from Washington D.C. and did not disturb any operations.  The plane was an Airbus A340 owned by South African Airways.

Man Who Fell Out Of Plane

The man who fell out a private plane earlier this week was found dead.  Search teams were looking on land and in the Atlantic ocean.  The Medical Examiner believes it is the body of 42 year old Gerardo Nales.  Nales fell out of a private plane Thursday afternoon and alerted air traffic controllers saying “Mayday, Mayday, Mayday”.  There is not official verification on the body yet.